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First Holy Communion


First Holy Communion, just like baptism or other family and religious celebrations, is a unique, extraordinary experience with a special setting. Holy Communion is a special event in the life of a child and the whole family. It is worth taking photos of this time to make them a great memory. For everyone who wants to have beautiful, interesting photos - I invite you for Holy Communion sessions. Such a session can be performed on the day of communion or on any day after the ceremony, e.g. during the so-called white week, when neither parents nor children are nervous about the celebration anymore and you can allow yourself more freedom. We arrange all the details of communion photography in advance with the parents.

It is a good idea to arrange a different day for a photo session. The day of the First Holy Communion should be for the child and the family. And separate session with family. It takes a little more time and preparation for a beautiful photo session. Remember that each child is different and each session requires an individual approach. Some children are born models and are very keen to be in front of the camera, while others take a little more time to familiarize themselves.


A voucher for a photo session is the perfect solution!

The photos will bring back memories for many years to come. It is a perfect and unique gift idea, a souvenir for a lifetime should be special.

During the communion sessions, I try to make the sessions not boring and the child having a good time, which will allow me to capture the child's character naturally without unnecessary artificial smiles.


Holy Communion offer £150

                          Package includes:

  • outdoor session

  • individual portraits

  • family portraits

  • online gallery

  • up to 30 edited images

  • any location whitin 20 miles from Kettering

  • up to 1 hour photoshoot time



Photo album available from £30 (price depend from size, type of album and number of pages)

Single prints available from 50p each (price depend from size)

Large format prints available from £20 (print sizes starts from 60x40cm up to 90x60cm)

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